What is a home care business?

Are you sure you can answer the question – what is a home care business?

Home care businesses offer people a care worker in their own homes to help meet a range of needs.

Most customers tend to be either elderly, disabled or have mental health issues.

A good home care business will offer a wide variety of care, in some cases a full 24-hour day of care.

A care business is open 365 days of the year.

As the owner of the business you will be responsible for getting customers, assessing their needs, recruiting care workers, invoicing customers and paying wages to employees.

Home care is people business, by that there is no product being made, it involves people caring for other people. The very nature of the job means that there will be problems such as absenteeism and complaints. But on the other hand when someone says thank you after helping them , then that can over-rule all the negatives.

What a care worker does?

Visits by care workers take place at various times of the night and day, but a care worker can usually visit in the morning, lunchtime, teatime and/or bedtime.

The morning call may involve assisting the customer out of bed and helping them get washed and dressed. Washing maybe a full body wash or helping with shower and toilet. Many customers require change of pads as it may be wet or soiled. Catheter bags may also need changing etc.

A care worker may have to assist with medication and emptying and cleaning commodes
what is a home care business?

The lunch time call will involve the care worker making a sandwich or a light lunch. Giving the customer a hot drink and maybe a chat.

Bedtime calls involve getting the customer ready for bed and perhaps changing bags and pads.

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