What is the CQC?

We all need to be cared for at some point in our lives.

For most people it is when we are young and when we are old, or if we are ill.

Most of us are strong and healthy and do not need care, but when we do we would like that care to be right. We want the care to meet our needs and we want to feel safe.

This is the job of the Care Quality Commission – it is to monitor home care businesses and to make sure that we are doing our job properly. It is too judge how well your home care business is doing?

The CQC is independent, they are honest and they are on the side of the people who use home care services.

CQC inspection team

The CQC has an expert in home care and she is the chief inspector.

She is supported by an expert inspection team that include doctors, nurses, gps and social workers and members of the public.
During inspections of your home care business you will be asked five main questions.

  1. Is your home care business safe?
  2. Is this care effective? For example how good are they at making sure the quality of life is the best it can be?
  3. Is it caring? Are the staff compassionate and do they treat people as human beings?
  4. Is your home care business well led? Do the staff have direction and purpose and are they running the home care service properly.
  5. Is your home care business responsive to people’s needs? Is it listening to complaints and comments and acting on them, how long do people have to wait and can people get appointments when they need them?

Before the CQC  inspect they listen to what people have to say about their local services and to the staff who work in them.
It’s one of the most important things that they do. It adds to the information they collect.
Every comment or complaint that they hear about build up a better picture of what is going on.
How and when they follow up depends on how serious the comments are and what they know about the quality of care at each service. They don’t resolve individual complaints but everything that you tell them helps them decide when, where and what to inspect.
It is vital to their work.

CQC Reports

The CQC  also use all of this information, plus evidence from  inspections to publish reports and ratings for each service. These help the public to understand how good the care is, if it needs to improve or if the CQC is  taking action of some kind.
In extreme cases they can stop a service from providing care.

The CQC reports can also help the people providing home care to improve and other organisations that they work with to do their jobs. And importantly they can help the public to choose between services.

The CQC offers an independent open judgement which the public can trust.
If the Care Quality Commission say that a care service is good, it means they would be happy to use it and they be happy for the people they  love to use it to.

CQC judgments and findings go to the care providers, other regulatory organisations and key partners, to make sure that health and social care services provides safe high quality and compassionate care that all of us deserve.