Starting a Home Care Business

Starting a Home Care business in the UK?

Are you thinking of starting a home care business in the UK – if so then this is the site for you. In 2014 I sold my previous business (which was in training) and after a short break I thought about starting another business. I considered a lot of business options including various franchises but they all seemed very expensive and did not offer value.

After a lot of thought,  eventually in November 2015 I started  a Home Care business in North East Lincolnshire called Quality Home Care.

It was not a franchise so I had to start from scratch. This website is my blog about how I got the business up and running and the pros and cons of starting a home care business.

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So starting a home care business was daunting journey for me as I had little knowledge or experience of the care sector.

Starting a home care business and the CQC

Like any business, there are many things to consider and pitfalls to avoid, but starting a home care business has the added burden of ensuring that you are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC is a government department which says whether you can trade or not – so meeting their approval is essential.

I will spend a lot of time on this website detailing how to get registered with the CQC and what to expect when they come to visit you to assess your new home care business.

I will provide advice, guidance and specimen policies and procedures to help you launch your new home care business. But please note the content on the website is for my use only but you are certainly welcome to adopt and adapt anything on here which may be of use to you, but I will not accept any legal responsibility for any errors or omissions.

I have created a menu on this page in which I have tried to cover everything needed to get you started.

  • Including preparing for CQC visit
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Business plan (Starting a home care business)
  • and many other useful pieces of information.

Please now look at the menu and enjoy the site.

Good luck with starting your home care business.